Find out what's dangerous and what's not

eat grape seeds
Are grape seeds safe to eat?
be hit in the balls
Does getting hit in the balls pose any dangers?
eat in the bath
Should you avoid eating in the shower?
be hypnotized
Can hypnosis be dangerous?
eat microwave popcorn
Is microwaved popcorn worse to eat?
eat an onion that was cut the day before
Are old onions safe to eat?
be sick while pregnant
Can it damage your baby to be sick while pregnant?
be dehydrated while pregnant
Is dehydration bad during pregnancy?
donate kidney
Is it safe to donate a kidney?
fly during pregnancy
Is it safe to fly when being pregnant?
drink your own blood
What happens if you drink your own blood?
masturbate when you are pregnant
Can you masturbate when pregnant ?
drink blood
Can drinking blood be a risk to your health?
jump start a car in the rain
Can you get an electric shock if starting your car in the rain?
feed your cat chocolate
Can cats eat chocolate?
be anemic
Is it a big problem to be anemic?
eat cheese when you are pregnant
Should you avoid cheese when pregnant?
be white in south africa
Is it unsafe to be white in South Africa?
be stung by a jellyfish
What should you do if you get stung by a jellyfish?
be unconscious
Is being unconscious safe?
hold in farts
Is holding in farts dangerous?
crack your back
Can cracking your back hurt you?
crack your knucles
Is it bad to crack your knuckles?
arm wrestle
Is arm wrestling dangerous?
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