Find out what's dangerous and what's not

stare into the sun
Does staring into the sun damage your eyes?
donate kidney
Is it safe to donate a kidney?
not sleep
Is it bad for your health not to sleep?
fly during pregnancy
Is it safe to fly when being pregnant?
be overweight and pregnant
Will being overweight and pregnant cause damage to your baby?
be dehydrated while pregnant
Is dehydration bad during pregnancy?
eat in the bath
Should you avoid eating in the shower?
drink acid rain
Is acid rain toxic?
eat egg shells
What happens if you eat egg shells?
inhale helium
Is inhaling helium safe?
drink your own blood
What happens if you drink your own blood?
drink wine that has gone bad
Can you drink old wine?
brew beer
Is brewing homemade beer dangerous?
be sick during early pregnancy
Should you be worried about being sick during early pregnancy?
eat nails
What are the risks of eating nails?
be white in south africa
Is it unsafe to be white in South Africa?
eat grape seeds
Are grape seeds safe to eat?
crack your neck
Is it bad to crack your neck?
live close to a cell phone tower
Does cell phone towers cause cancer?
drink expired beer
Is it safe do drink old beer?
drink vinegar
Is vinegar safe to drink?
wake a sleepwalker
Should you not wake up a sleepwalker?
eat gum
Will swallowing a chewing gum block your stomach?
be unconscious
Is being unconscious safe?
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