Find out what's dangerous and what's not

be a pilot
Do pilots have a high risk of dying?
drink rainwater
Is rainwater unhealthy to drink?
eat grape seeds
Are grape seeds safe to eat?
drink expired soda
Can you drink expired soda?
eat chili
Can eating hot chili peppers be dangerous?
brew beer
Is brewing homemade beer dangerous?
drive through death valley
How dangerous is it to drive through death valley?
be outside during a thunderstorm
How big a risk is it to be outside during thunder?
drink pee
Is pee toxic?
drink rubbing alcohol
Is rubbing alcohol safe to drink?
be drunk and high at the same time
Is it safe to drink and smoke weed at the same time?
be anemic
Is it a big problem to be anemic?
be hypnotized
Can hypnosis be dangerous?
add someone on skype
Is adding someone on skype dangerous?
hold in farts
Is holding in farts dangerous?
drink mouthwash
What happens if you drink mouthwash?
crack your back
Can cracking your back hurt you?
get olive oil in your eye
Is olive oil damaging to your eye?
drive without coolant
Can you drive without coolant?
eat apple seeds
Are apple seeds toxic?
drink while pregnant
Is drinking alcohol during pregnancy damaging?
stare into the sun
Does staring into the sun damage your eyes?
drink lean
Is lean toxic or otherwise dangerous?
be hit in the balls
Does getting hit in the balls pose any dangers?
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