Find out what's dangerous and what's not

be an uber driver
Are Uber drivers often assaulted or harassed?
drink wine that has gone bad
Can you drink old wine?
be hit in the balls
Does getting hit in the balls pose any dangers?
be a pilot
Do pilots have a high risk of dying?
eat from a dented can
Is it toxic when a can is dented?
drink too much lemon water
Is lemon water unsafe in big quantities?
crack your back
Can cracking your back hurt you?
eat coal
Is eating coal safe?
eat in the bath
Should you avoid eating in the shower?
drink lean
Is lean toxic or otherwise dangerous?
be white in south africa
Is it unsafe to be white in South Africa?
sleep on your stomach during pregnancy
Is sleeping on your stomach bad during pregnancy?
inhale helium
Is inhaling helium safe?
quit drinking cold turkey
Is it safe to stop drinking immediately?
eat dirt
Is eating dirt safe?
run a microwave empty
What happens if you start an empty microwave?
hold in farts
Is holding in farts dangerous?
eat apple seeds
Are apple seeds toxic?
drive in thunder and lightning
Is it risky to drive in a thunderstorm?
smoke tea
Can you die from smoking tea?
eat burnt food
Does burnt food cause cancer?
be overweight and pregnant
Will being overweight and pregnant cause damage to your baby?
eat chili
Can eating hot chili peppers be dangerous?
drink bottled water
Is bottled water better than tap water?
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