Find out what's dangerous and what's not

swallow gum
Can swallowing a gum be a health hazard?
be unconscious
Is being unconscious safe?
crack your neck
Is it bad to crack your neck?
fly during pregnancy
Is it safe to fly when being pregnant?
be low on vitamin d
Is it bad to be low on vitamin d?
drink vinegar
Is vinegar safe to drink?
smoke tea
Can you die from smoking tea?
be sick during early pregnancy
Should you be worried about being sick during early pregnancy?
drink mouthwash
What happens if you drink mouthwash?
donate kidney
Is it safe to donate a kidney?
eat grape seeds
Are grape seeds safe to eat?
be dehydrated while pregnant
Is dehydration bad during pregnancy?
be hungry when pregnant
Is it safe to be hungry during pregnancy?
cut a mole
Can a cut mole be dangerous?
drink monster
Does drinking Monster have any side effects?
arm wrestle
Is arm wrestling dangerous?
drink raw eggs
Are raw eggs bad to eat?
be a pilot
Do pilots have a high risk of dying?
masturbate when you are pregnant
Can you masturbate when pregnant ?
sunbathe during pregnancy
Is it safe to be in the sun when pregnant?
not sleep
Is it bad for your health not to sleep?
drink wine that has gone bad
Can you drink old wine?
be hit in the balls
Does getting hit in the balls pose any dangers?
drive without coolant
Can you drive without coolant?
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