Find out what's dangerous and what's not

be sick during early pregnancy
Should you be worried about being sick during early pregnancy?
be vegetarian
Is it safe to be vegetarian?
be hypnotized
Can hypnosis be dangerous?
be anemic
Is it a big problem to be anemic?
drink blood
Can drinking blood be a risk to your health?
drink too much water
Can you die from drinking too much water?
add someone on skype
Is adding someone on skype dangerous?
eat nails
What are the risks of eating nails?
eat coal
Is eating coal safe?
wake a sleepwalker
Should you not wake up a sleepwalker?
drink your own blood
What happens if you drink your own blood?
drink monster
Does drinking Monster have any side effects?
brew beer
Is brewing homemade beer dangerous?
drink bottled water
Is bottled water better than tap water?
donate kidney
Is it safe to donate a kidney?
drink mouthwash
What happens if you drink mouthwash?
drink vinegar
Is vinegar safe to drink?
drink too much lemon water
Is lemon water unsafe in big quantities?
eat dog food
Can you eat dog food or is it dangerous?
masturbate when you are pregnant
Can you masturbate when pregnant ?
stare into the sun
Does staring into the sun damage your eyes?
drive without coolant
Can you drive without coolant?
drink pee
Is pee toxic?
be unconscious
Is being unconscious safe?
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