Find out what's dangerous and what's not

drink too much lemon water
Is lemon water unsafe in big quantities?
drink pee
Is pee toxic?
be outside during a thunderstorm
How big a risk is it to be outside during thunder?
drink a whole bottle of vodka
Can it kill you to drink a whole bottle of vodka?
be white in south africa
Is it unsafe to be white in South Africa?
be in ketosis
Are there any risks of being in ketosis?
eat paper
Is paper safe to eat?
drive through death valley
How dangerous is it to drive through death valley?
drink bottled water
Is bottled water better than tap water?
drive in thunder and lightning
Is it risky to drive in a thunderstorm?
eat nails
What are the risks of eating nails?
be dehydrated while pregnant
Is dehydration bad during pregnancy?
eat potatoes that have sprouted
Should sprouted potatoes be thrown out?
drink while pregnant
Is drinking alcohol during pregnancy damaging?
drink too much water
Can you die from drinking too much water?
drink apple cider vinegar straight
Is drinking apple cider vinegar damaging to you?
be a pilot
Do pilots have a high risk of dying?
drink monster
Does drinking Monster have any side effects?
drink your own blood
What happens if you drink your own blood?
add someone on skype
Is adding someone on skype dangerous?
feed your cat chocolate
Can cats eat chocolate?
drink expired beer
Is it safe do drink old beer?
pick your nose
Are there any risks of picking your nose?
smoke tea
Can you die from smoking tea?
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