Find out what's dangerous and what's not

eat apple seeds
Are apple seeds toxic?
drink a whole bottle of vodka
Can it kill you to drink a whole bottle of vodka?
eat ants
I ate an ant, am I in danger?
smoke tea
Can you die from smoking tea?
inhale helium
Is inhaling helium safe?
drink rubbing alcohol
Is rubbing alcohol safe to drink?
eat cheese when you are pregnant
Should you avoid cheese when pregnant?
be anemic
Is it a big problem to be anemic?
sunbathe during pregnancy
Is it safe to be in the sun when pregnant?
kiss a dog
Is kissing your dog something that can kill you?
drive without coolant
Can you drive without coolant?
wake a sleepwalker
Should you not wake up a sleepwalker?
sleep with your smartphone
Is sleeping next to your smartphone safe?
drink too much lemon water
Is lemon water unsafe in big quantities?
crack your knucles
Is it bad to crack your knuckles?
eat grape seeds
Are grape seeds safe to eat?
be drunk and high at the same time
Is it safe to drink and smoke weed at the same time?
eat in the bath
Should you avoid eating in the shower?
be vegetarian
Is it safe to be vegetarian?
be stung by a jellyfish
What should you do if you get stung by a jellyfish?
run a microwave empty
What happens if you start an empty microwave?
eat potatoes that have sprouted
Should sprouted potatoes be thrown out?
eat eggs everyday
Is eating eggs too often bad for your health?
be in ketosis
Are there any risks of being in ketosis?
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