Find out what's dangerous and what's not

smoke tea
Can you die from smoking tea?
drink too much water
Can you die from drinking too much water?
shower during a thunderstorm
Can a lightning strike kill you while showering?
wake a sleepwalker
Should you not wake up a sleepwalker?
add someone on skype
Is adding someone on skype dangerous?
drink blood
Can drinking blood be a risk to your health?
drink expired soda
Can you drink expired soda?
eat ants
I ate an ant, am I in danger?
drink pee
Is pee toxic?
cut a mole
Can a cut mole be dangerous?
drink vinegar
Is vinegar safe to drink?
sleep on your stomach during pregnancy
Is sleeping on your stomach bad during pregnancy?
eat chili
Can eating hot chili peppers be dangerous?
astral project
Can astral projection be dangerous?
drive through death valley
How dangerous is it to drive through death valley?
be a vegetarian
Is it bad for your health to be vegetarian?
kiss a dog
Is kissing your dog something that can kill you?
drink lean
Is lean toxic or otherwise dangerous?
eat egg shells
What happens if you eat egg shells?
be dehydrated while pregnant
Is dehydration bad during pregnancy?
crack your back
Can cracking your back hurt you?
be white in south africa
Is it unsafe to be white in South Africa?
be a pilot
Do pilots have a high risk of dying?
eat coal
Is eating coal safe?
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