Find out what's dangerous and what's not

inhale helium
Is inhaling helium safe?
be hit in the balls
Does getting hit in the balls pose any dangers?
drink mouthwash
What happens if you drink mouthwash?
brew beer
Is brewing homemade beer dangerous?
drive in thunder and lightning
Is it risky to drive in a thunderstorm?
drink too much lemon water
Is lemon water unsafe in big quantities?
drink bottled water
Is bottled water better than tap water?
be low on vitamin d
Is it bad to be low on vitamin d?
be in ketosis
Are there any risks of being in ketosis?
be sick while pregnant
Can it damage your baby to be sick while pregnant?
drink acid rain
Is acid rain toxic?
not sleep
Is it bad for your health not to sleep?
hold in farts
Is holding in farts dangerous?
be hungry when pregnant
Is it safe to be hungry during pregnancy?
eat burnt food
Does burnt food cause cancer?
be unconscious
Is being unconscious safe?
eat an onion that was cut the day before
Are old onions safe to eat?
eat dirt
Is eating dirt safe?
drink urine
Is urine toxic to drink?
sleep with your smartphone
Is sleeping next to your smartphone safe?
be drunk and high at the same time
Is it safe to drink and smoke weed at the same time?
be dehydrated while pregnant
Is dehydration bad during pregnancy?
feed your cat chocolate
Can cats eat chocolate?
eat ants
I ate an ant, am I in danger?
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